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Find your Catrike Dealer with the interactive Map Below

Catrike Megastore

Catrike Megastores not only carry all our models in stock but also have a range of our custom colors on show! Megastores also carry our range of accessories for all your Catrike needs and between 60-90 Catrikes at all times.


Catrike Concept Store

Catrike Concept Stores will carry all Catrike models as well as accessories for all your Catrike needs. This means you can test ride all Catrikes so you can choose the perfect trike.


Gold Dealer

Gold dealers are fully committed to Catrike products, with certified mechanics trained to service them. They carry most of our product line, available for test ride and sale. Custom orders and trikes not in stock can be ordered in.


Silver Dealer

Silver dealers have the same quality and service as our gold standard but will have only selected items in their showroom available for test ride and sale.


Bronze Dealer

Bronze dealers are good quality, established bicycle stores that are able to order in Catrikes on a demand basis.

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